“The company [I worked for] hired Amie as an executive coach and we worked together for a year. As Chief Data Officer, I found Amie's help fundamental in navigating different challenges with my direct team ranging from work-life balance to impactful communication. Amie's active listening and insightful questions helped me to discover new strategies and tactics to address difficult situations. I have grown professionally and personally with her coaching. I would definitely recommend Amie's coaching to any executive that would want to push the boundaries of his\her own potential.”

Martin Minnoni, Chief Data Office

I’m very lucky to have connected with Amie. When I contacted her I was unenthusiastic about my work and had a feeling that something had to change. She helped me develop a hypothesis for what was missing. Once we figured out the root cause we quickly got to work to figure out how to tackle the problem. Amie drew on her extensive knowledge regarding behavioural psychology and strategy to help me come up with a concrete and grounded plan of attack. Without her help I would likely have taken much longer and been much more unsure about how to move forward. Amie armed me with the the right mindset and tools to help me make this change. If you’re looking for some clarity on your professional journey I wouldn’t hesitate - contact Amie ASAP.

S. B. , Lead Engineer
Shopify, Montreal, Canada

“I found Amie's advice, perspective, and consistency to be very valuable to me as I navigated multiple stages of startup success and growth, as well as in the development of my career personally. She helped me think through many decisions, rework several habits, and knew when to push and when to listen."

Nick Horelik, Founder, CTO
RapidSOS New York, NY

My experiences working with Amie has been nothing but positive. I can confidently recommend her high quality work. If you’re working with Amie, you can expect her to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals, and help execute on the changes. Amie provides valuable guidance and perspective in every session. I recommend Amie's coaching services.

Karen B., Director Talent Management
Global Pharmaceutical Company, New Jersey

After deciding to take the next step towards professional development, I can say with full confidence that it was the right decision to work alongside Amie Devero. I am now better equipped to tackle multiple, bigger-picture projects focused on long-term growth for our organization -- without delaying or interrupting those important projects in favor of day-to-day communications (that inevitably found their way in to sidetrack my day). I was so pleased with the outcome of my process and the immediate impact that Amie provided that we offered our management staff the opportunity to participate in the same leadership coaching that we owners participated in. The investment in Amie’s coaching will continue to pay dividends for our organization and team members well beyond the hours that we spend working through these challenges during our 1-on-1 and group sessions.

Brad Andrews, President
Salus Physical Therapy, Florida

I love having the opportunity to bounce ideas off Amie for a fresh perspective. Though I’ve worked with her for a short time she’s been able to immediately establish an intimate working relationship that has truly helped me to stretch my professional muscles. She is no nonsense and candidly offers her opinions based on years of experience guiding people to the top, applying patterns where they make sense and always considerate of the individual nuances of any situation. I look forward to our conversations as we navigate what’s right for me and my career progression.

Carrie A., Product Lead
AI Company, New York, NY

Amie is a focused, cut-through-the-clutter, prioritization mastermind. She showed me how to optimize my calendar to maximize productivity and results while minimizing stress, trivial work and idle time. What do I mean by this? I'm a startup President with an endless task list. There will always be things on my list and turning 60 hour weeks into 80 (and giving up weekends) doesn't remedy this problem; there's still incomplete tasks and targets waiting to be met. Prioritization, delegation, core metrics, single-task contribution, etc. all get clarified when a set schedule informs me exactly how much I can get accomplished in a day, week or month. Calendar optimization is one of the many business and productivity tactics Amie has taught me.

Blake Cronyn, President
rbux, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As a founder of a startup tech company, it has been very hard for me to get used to leading a team. My strength is as an engineer, but now, I am in charge of an entire company's engineering and development future. I was thinking of just leaving the day to day business and letting someone else take my position because I was doing such a bad job of the management piece and constantly feeling frustrated and angry. But the company is doing really well. It was a hard decision. I have worked with Amie now for about 2 years and I even have one of my other engineers working with her too. She has a way of understanding the things that I am struggling with, and helping me understand what other people are expecting of me. It hasn't become easy, but there is much more harmony in my company, and my management style is becoming more like a manager and less like the guy in Mr. Robot! The company is growing even more and everything is coming together.

Zoran B., CTO, Founder
Smart City company, Pittsburgh, PA

I first came to Amie through my job. She was a coach for the senior executives in the company, and she worked with me to sustain the energy and take the right steps to stay on top of my sales quotas. I left that position after about a year but continued to work with her as I built a company of my own. I have gained a lot of leadership confidence and skill through her coaching, and can't recommend her enough.

Maryann G., Founder, President
Internet of Things Platform Company, Miami, FL

When I first engaged Amie I couldn't get any useful feedback from my subordinates about how to fix the areas of weakness that were holding back the whole company, because they saw me as "the boss". Amie's role in my business and my life is as a sort of mirror to me. Not that she mimics me, but she gives me the honest and unadorned feedback about what I am doing and could change to make things work around me, both for the bank and my own life. We have worked together now for over 7 years (on and off), and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Donna T., CEO
Financial Services Company, Atlanta, GA

"I am thrilled to write this testimonial for my amazing executive coach who has made a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Since beginning my coaching journey with her, I have seen significant growth and progress in various facets of my career. From our very first session, I was impressed by Amie’s ability to create a safe and supportive environment. She has an incredible talent for actively listening and asking thought-provoking questions, which enabled me to uncover my own limiting beliefs and identify areas for improvement. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach made me feel comfortable in sharing my goals, aspirations, and challenges. One of the things I most appreciate most about working with Amie is her knack for tailoring each session to my specific needs. She a talent to identify key areas for development and provide targeted guidance and strategies to address them. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence have been invaluable in helping me navigate complex workplace situations and develop my overall leadership presence. Additionally, Amie’s commitment to accountability has been instrumental in ensuring that I stay on track with my goals. She consistently challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself beyond my perceived limits. As a result, I grow in confidence and have successfully taken on new challenges and responsibilities. Furthermore, Amie’s exceptional ability to provide constructive feedback has been instrumental in my growth. She balances encouragement and reinforcement with honest and direct feedback, which has enabled me to make tangible improvements in my leadership style. I am truly grateful for the impact that this executive coach has had on my professional growth. Her guidance, support, and expertise have propelled me to new heights in my career. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any professional seeking to enhance their leadership skills and maximize their potential."

Michael Nicholls, Founder, CEO
Head of Nursing Quality, Major Hospital, New York

"Amie is a fantastic coach. She helps you craft strategies and processes that help you break those chains and move forward. Amie worked with several of my leadership team members, who experienced considerable growth. My business has doubled since she started working with my team and me."

Dan Napolitano, Founder, CEO
The Garam Group, Suracuse, NY

Amie is an uplifting but incisive coach who's uniquely able to identify potential pitfalls in communication and management before they arise. She helps make sense of a tangle of information, emotion, and complexity and understands enough about our business to make concrete and meaningful suggestions but does not require so much detail that we're wasting time on minutiae. In a few short sessions she has been able to change the dynamic between myself and my C-level counterparts and enable me with tools to better communicate and motivate my team.

Michelle B., Founder, CEO, Founder
FindMine, New York, NY

I interviewed several coaches as I was selecting the best coach for me. My interview with Amie was a coaching session itself. Because of her vast experience, it felt as if she worked at my company and understood my trouble spots. From that moment, I knew she would be the best fit for me. Amie is a master surgeon in diagnosing issues and collaborating with you to put together the ideal treatment plan. Sometimes it involves painful surgery in dissecting areas and repairing troubled organs. Other times, it’s working with you to put together the best treatment plan for a healthier work life. She listens carefully, masterfully picks up on cues you missed, and she works with you to repair the trouble spots and gives you a full dose of confidence and tools to deal with challenging situations. Because of Amie’s coaching, I am on the trajectory of building a high performing team. I can confidently face my fears and weaknesses and have several tested tools to combat troublesome situations. As a bonus, Amie has helped me to replace my existing self-talk with something much healthier for my relationships and my wellbeing.

C. N., SVP, Sr. Asset Manager
Global Finance Company, Florida

Amie was recommended to me during a conversation with friend who quickly deduced the guidance of a leadership/performance coach would help me navigate the next phase of what I wanted for my career. Amie was helping her build her second business, so surely she could help me shift from a middle management, operations mentality to uncovering my own leadership vision and contribution I can make to my organization. A year after we had developed a plan, I have found my vision and am in a position to execute my contribution. Working with Amie, I look forward to continued growth and the next phase of my career.

A.C. , Deputy Commissioner
The City of New York, New York, NY

Amie has the great talent of sniffing out problem areas of both your business and yourself, and then forcing you to face the hard truths about them. She then gives you the tools and advice necessary to overcome these newly uncovered issues, while at the same time imbuing you with the wisdom and philosophy that comes from her considerable experience in the business world. She exemplifies the tough-love mentality, and although it can sometimes be uncomfortable to hear or address some of the issues that come up, by the end of a conversation with Amie, you will know what you need to do for the good of your business, your relationships, and yourself. The results very quickly speak for themselves, and you’ll very likely find yourself eagerly awaiting your next conversation.

Zack F. , CTO, Founder
3D Imaging Software Company, San Francisco, CA

“Properly troubleshooting organizational issues with the rest of the leadership team in the company I work at used to be a very energy-consuming and effortful process that didn't guarantee good results. Thanks to Amie and her wonderful Mastermind setup, I was able to interact and work with like-minded and experienced leaders in the space under a specific structure that was conducive to properly integrating perspectives and experiences in such a way that problem-solving felt like second nature to me - even well after the group's activities were over.”

Martin Chikilian, COO, VP Engineering
Superworld, NY, Argentina

I recently had the pleasure of working with Amie at the request of my company's ownership. Going into the process I was hesitant to take time out of my busy schedule for these coaching calls, however, I embraced the opportunity & followed through as planned. Amie was able to provide such incredible insight that has allowed me the ability to take a step back and refocus my approach and attitude towards my work. Previously, I was extremely guilty of context-shifting, inefficient workflows and spreading myself thin. With Amie's help, I now feel in control of my schedule more than ever. In addition to feeling more in control and efficient, I have also become a stronger leader for my organization as I have been able to spread the insights that helped me so much, to my colleagues. I would highly recommend taking the time out of your schedule to work with Amie.

Josh Hibbert, GM
Salus Physical therapy, Florida

“I first engaged Amie as my coach when I needed help with some challenging and frustrating situations at work. I was mainly looking for strategies on how to engage with my executive team differently and I loved Amie’s direct, no fluff approach. I’ve now been working with her for a couple of years and grown from a place of uncertainty with periods of leadership insecurity— to owning my performance and brokering stronger relationships with the company’s senior leaders. I still face scenarios that I haven’t encountered before, but I am able to draw from the additional tools I’ve amassed with Amie to address them. Since working with Amie, I’ve ascended to VP and am now considered a candidate for succession of the CIO role. I highly recommend Amie as a coach.”

J. Brown, VP IT
Fortune 500 NYSE-traded Company, Tampa, FL

I have struggled over the years to overcome several personal and professional obstacles that have stalled my growth. I was apprehensive about working with a performance coach, but after years of trying everything I could think of, I finally decided to work with Amie. Best decision I ever made! She is highly skilled at identifying the real reason for a struggle or obstacle, and she provides excellent behavioral tools to break bad habits and form good ones. Since working with Amie my productivity, health and fitness have improved considerably. More importantly, I am happy with myself and the progress I am making in both my personal and professional life.

Dan Napolitano, CEO
The Garam Group, Syracuse, NY

As the CEO of a software development company, I was caught somewhat unprepared when my company was acquired and my role shifted from being a small (42 people) company leader to a 400+ person enterprise. By developing my skills beyond what I am naturally good at to become an inspiring communicator, my company has continued to grow and I have grown with it. That has been in large part because of the work I have done with Amie. She is a resource that I value enough that several of my team now also work with her. That makes a big difference to our overall productivity, and to our ability to keep growing as fast as we want.

Bruce B., CEO
Technology Company, Minneapolis, MN

I really recommend Amie as a coach and consultant. I have worked with her as both over about a 10 year span. As a coach, she helped me get my health and fitness on track. That isn't what she mostly does, but I was having a hard time finding the discipline and willpower to get things on track, even though a doctor told me I had to. Because of the work that Amie coached me through, I am now healthy, off blood pressure medication, am exercising regularly and eating way better. She is a great motivator and had a ton of tricks up her sleeve to really get things moving.

Marsha F., VP Engineering
Tech Company, Tarrytown, NY

Amie was recommended to me by a client of mine. I started to work with her because I was feeling overwhelmed trying to manage both my business, family, and other goals, and constantly felt like things were slipping through the cracks. She helped me develop really incredible work and time management habits. Now, I get much more done but don't feel so stressed. The tools I have implemented keep me productive, and I still work with Amie, but now we are tackling other aspects of life.

Bill G., President
National Insurance Company, Tampa, FL

I have a small, local service business, and it is had been really hard for me to let go of control enough for it to grow. Every time it got a bit bigger I would sabotage it because I felt like my employees were going to steal my clients and start their own business. Amie and I started out with that issue, and expanded into tons of others as I got better at delegating and trusting. I can't believe how much my business is growing, and how much more time and energy I have to devote to other areas of my life. Working with Amie really did completely change my life, and I am so happy with the results. I can't wait to see what I create next with her help!

Melinda T., Owner
Pet Sitting and Boarding company, St. Petersburg, FL