Beyond Better Strategy and Coaching For Visionary Start-Ups.

Your initial investments include legal and finance experts, infrastructure and software. Why aren’t you investing in a future-based strategy and the skills to execute and drive it through your organization? Those skills include leadership, management, communication and more. Developing the ability to lead and manage an enterprise isn’t a matter of information, it’s a matter of experience, maturity and skill. You can't possibly know what you don't know.

Strategy helps you optimize for the known unknowns.

Coaching helps you identify the unknown unknowns.

Are you ready to join the elite world of super high-performers and exponentially growing enterprises?

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World-Class Teams Invest in Strategy and Coaching

Without a future-based strategy, you are driving your organization by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Without coaching you can only think within the scope of how you already see the world  -- limited by what you already know.

Being extraordinary requires new thinking; better decisions; novel ideas and innovative perspectives.

To respond differently, you need to see differently.

About Amie

aboutAmie has more than 25 years experience as an executive and personal coach and management consultant. In that time, she has led public seminars for over 20,000 people, provided one on one and group coaching to thousands of sales and business development professionals, and provided C-Suite executive coaching to business leaders of everything from Fortune 50 companies to sole proprietors providing pet-sitting services.


Our Services


Optimizing your performance, whether as a leader, a peer or a human is about seeing what past-based decisions stop you so you can transform yourself into being who you are committed to being and making the greatest difference possible.


Whether working on strategic-planning or developing vision, mission and core values, team retreats require expert facilitation and proven structure. Get the best from your team by giving them the best process and professional. We do remote and in-person programs!

In-House Coaching

Our clients are mostly very high-growth, post-revenue start-ups that are scaling rapidly and need their people to do the same. They offer our coaching to their executives, managers and others as a resource. Team-members can leverage the benefit of high-performance coaching to accelerate accomplishing their goals, developing their leadership or to address areas of challenge or performance. All of the same confidentiality applies, but we become partners within the organization and the business--best able to support extraordinary development and never pull a punch.

Scenario Planning

Uncertainty looms over all planning. But, with data and expertise you can craft the future story, stress test it, analyze it and use it for clearer decision-making.

Strategy Consulting

Every high-performance organization needs a clear goal, a theory about how to get there, and the tools to ensure that EVERYONE knows what it is and how they fit. We start from my book, Powered By Principle, customize it to your organization, and exceed its scope.

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