November 15,2022


Integrity is the Foundation of Reliability–And you can create a culture of integrity with the right strategy. I will give you the EXACT steps to start building that culture.

Real conversations you can use to develop and manage your people. And we will do it together, LIVE!

You MUST register to attend.

If results matter to your organization and your investors, you will want this training and these tools.

Date/Time: Nov. 15, 2022, 1:30 PM EST

Location: Via Zoom

Register at the link to receive Zoom login information.


1 Hour

Price: Free

January, 2023

Mastermind Group—Tech Leaders


The best source of great advice for your role as a CTO, Head of Engineering, Digital or similar –is a community of others in your field. Our Mastermind Groups are comprised of up to 10 people in similar roles, who have all committed to participate in this brain trust for at least one year! 

The group meets virtually once a month for up to two hours. The agenda includes some formal elements, some learning and most of all, direct group work on a pressing challenge for the members.

Not only will you deepen your own skill and develop new capacities, you will form friendships with members of the group that outlast the sessions and often, the group itself. 

If you are interested, use the contact form to email me. A sign-up form will go up soon for the waiting list. 

This will be a 12-month commitment, and there is a firm 10 person limit on every group. You must be a technical leader of a team, with a title of Director or higher. 

Date/Time: January, 2023, Time and Day of week TBD



Duration: Monthly for 12 Months

A 12-month commitment is required. At the end of the year members may renew or depart, and new members may enter.

Price: $275/Mo*

*If paid quarterly 





Date/Time: TBA





Price: TBA

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