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What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is a dialogue that provides insight, guidance and perspective in the context of working on a particular activity, skill, objective or enterprise. Coaching usually doesn’t include any other product or service beyond the dialogue and measurement of the progress, outcome, result or goal. Consulting can include any number of services including workshops, presentations, analyses, and so forth. It may include coaching style dialogue or relationships and may even explicitly include a coaching series, for individuals or groups, but is usually not confined to coaching.

Is what I share with my coach confidential?

Any information, opinion or content shared between you and your coach is private. But it is not legally protected in the way that medical information is protected. However, you can expect the coach to keep anything said in the context of the coaching relationship private, not ever to share it, publish it or reference it unless you give explicit permission. This confidentiality does not extend to admissions of crimes or plans of crimes or any other information that a responsible citizen would feel compelled to report to the police or other authorities.

How frequently should I meet with or speak with my coach?

That varies by the program and project. The most typical coaching structure is a weekly call of up to 50 minutes with the coach. The Snap2 program can be daily, but takes place in micro call/text or Skype meetings of under 15 minutes. The 24-2-Goal program is an intensive program that requires a daily call one-on-one or in a group. The call is typically an hour on Monday and 15 minutes Tuesday through Friday for 4 business weeks and one additional Monday.

Do I pay as I go or in advance or in arrears?

All programs are prepaid, usually in 30 day blocks.

Is coaching like therapy?

Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching does not aim to treat any mental, medical, psychological or psychiatric illness. Coaching is a structured dialogue to work on specific goals, skills, scenarios, or projects. It is about optimizing performance, enhancing behavior, building or breaking habits to gain success and about developing skills in areas that are related to goals, targets, projects or intentions. Coaching should not be used to address something for which a therapist or physician would be the appropriate choice.

How do I start with a coach or consultant?

Schedule a free consultation with Amie Devero and get the details on how to move forward with your project or goal!

What is team member coaching?

Often, in fast-growing organizations, there are multiple people in or being groomed for leadership roles. By investing in coaching packages for the entire company, individual team members can have the benefit of executive performance coaching when they need it. Sometimes this is valuable during times of change, during important deal phases, or just to hone someone's specific skill set. It is also very powerful as an adjunct to implement a recent shift in the entire organization.

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