Leaders Lab Masterminds


A Mastermind Group Just For You

Beyond Better's Leaders Lab is a one-year (renewable) group program for seriously committed technology leaders. Your cohort will be a small, carefully curated group of 8. You will all share similar roles, but come from different organizations and backgrounds. Over the course of the year you benefit from each other's experience and wisdom, share insights and best practices and collaborate through the process of learning and growing together. To learn more or apply, click the image above.


The Leaders Lab cohort meets once a month with Amie Devero. The sessions are 2 hours long and take place by video conference. Each session includes learning, a spotlight section for one individual to dive into a current challenge with the help of the group, and opportunities for everyone to get coaching. There are also periodic guest speakers who are experts in a related area of interest—a founder, researcher or other thought-leader who will both present and spend time engaging with the group.


Leaders Lab participants get access to coaching between sessions, via text, email or phone. Since challenges don't arrive on schedule, Leaders Lab participants gain an extra team member in their Beyond Better coach.

3-Day off-Site

Halfway through the Leaders Lab year we will go away to a beautiful location for learning, relaxing and fellowship. The off-site will be led by Amie and another Beyond better coach/facilitator. Partners or spouses are welcome but will not be included in programming or meals held during the working day.

and Network

The Leaders Lab is an intimate and rigorous program. You and your fellow members will become extraordinary resources for each other, and likely stay in touch well beyond the confines of the program itself.


Scaling an organization starts with scaling people.

While every person and organization is unique, some themes tend to be sources of the greatest challenge and reward.


Your people deserve great managers and leaders. Nothing about managing comes naturally. We work with leaders to become skilled in managing others, delegating, giving feedback, holding people to account, fostering collaboration and innovation, and cultivating their team members’ growth.

Productivity and Time Management

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients (both CEOs and employees) is that they have too much to do and feel either overwhelmed, burnt out or like they’re failing. Although there will always be more to do than time enough to do it, expert time management coaching makes a huge difference to all these issues.

Organizational Culture and Change

Optimizing culture begins at the level of the individual and team. Only coaching helps the entire organization to transform into who it needs to be to accomplish the goals.

Work/Life Balance

One way that employees try to meet the demands of an endless to-do list is by sacrificing their personal lives. Ultimately, that doesn’t work. They end up burnt out, quitting, or ill. We help our clients gain the skill to get as much done as possible, without losing themselves or their outside lives.