Areas Of Focus

The Biggest Challenges Offer The Greatest Opportunities for Breakthroughs.

Here are the 8 areas that we are asked about most.

Sometimes the only plan is “SELL”. But, having a data-driven, testable strategy helps you know where to spend your resources, and what NOT to do. That’s critical for you and your whole organization. And having it on a one-page Strategy Map, makes it seamless to share, measure and test.

• Bringing out the best in others • Inspiring excitement in the mission and organization • Modeling who we are as an organization • Being fully accountable • Owning it all

h Management

• Setting appropriate boundaries • Resolving or avoiding conflicts in the organization • Delegating effectively • Creating structures and processes productivity efficiency, scalability and results

d Organizational Culture and Change

• Choosing and promulgating a culture • Changing a legacy culture • Sustaining an incubator culture in an adolescent organization • Creating processes, habits, stories and artifacts to reinforce culture

h Productivity and Time Management

• Discerning what is most important now • Avoiding time sucks • Utilizing time management tools to gain freedom, power and results • Reducing or eliminating the feeling of overwhelm (or drowning in things to do)

d Metrics

Your strategy map is the foundation for measuring not just execution, but also the validity of the strategy. Plus, we can help you develop strategic performance metrics—including OKRs and KPIs— for every functions and role. That way everyone is working on the right thing to hit the goals.

h Strategy-Focused People

Data shows that most organizations hoard strategy in the C-suite. But your people are your best source of key strategic data. They execute the plan. Ensuring that the strategy is alive in every person’s job and mind guarantees that everyone is working on the right things. That’s how you accelerate toward your destination.

h Fundraising

• Creating a pitch • Mentality of pitching • Avoiding getting “un-psyched” • Successfully delivering a pitch • Framing the case