Coaching Services


Coaching to Support Your People in Becoming the Leaders You Need

Whether for one person, the whole team or for a specific issue, coaching develops extraordinary capacities in every area of work and performance. We offer a variety of focuses and formats.


Our clients retain us as in-house coach available to a fixed number of team -members on an ongoing or as-needed basis. This is the most cost-effective model for our corporate clients as it billed as a single, fixed monthly fee and makes coaching available to as many key team-members as desired.


For individuals who are committed to continually optimizing their performance, thinking and leadership. Clients pay a fixed monthly fee that includes as many sessions as needed and access to Amie via email and text.

Individual Coaching

For corporate clients who need coaching for a specific individual who is either very high-potential or who is facing a specific challenge, we provide coaching for a fixed period of time with pre-determined goals that we design together. Like the C.a.a.S. program it is billed monthly at a fixed rate.


These are programs designed to address specific needs of our clients. Please schedule a call if you believe your project requires this approach.


Scaling an organization starts with scaling people.

While every person and organization is unique, some themes tend to be sources of the greatest challenge and reward.


Your people deserve great managers and leaders. Nothing about managing comes naturally. We work with leaders to become skilled in managing others, delegating, giving feedback, holding people to account, fostering collaboration and innovation, and cultivating their team members’ growth.

Productivity and Time Management

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients (both CEOs and employees) is that they have too much to do and feel either overwhelmed, burnt out or like they’re failing. Although there will always be more to do than time enough to do it, expert time management coaching makes a huge difference to all these issues.

Organizational Culture and Change

Optimizing culture begins at the level of the individual and team. Only coaching helps the entire organization to transform into who it needs to be to accomplish the goals.

Work/Life Balance

One way that employees try to meet the demands of an endless to-do list is by sacrificing their personal lives. Ultimately, that doesn’t work. They end up burnt out, quitting, or ill. We help our clients gain the skill to get as much done as possible, without losing themselves or their outside lives.