Physical/Occupational Therapy Provider to ACLs, Florida

After deciding to take the next step towards professional development, I can say with full confidence that it was the right decision to work alongside Amie Devero.  I am now better equipped to tackle multiple, bigger-picture projects focused on long-term growth for our organization -- without delaying or interrupting those important projects in favor of day-to-day communications (that inevitably found their way in to sidetrack my day). I was so pleased with the outcome of my process and the immediate impact that Amie provided that we offered our management staff the opportunity to participate in the same leadership coaching that we owners participated in.  The investment in Amie’s coaching will continue to pay dividends for our organization and team members well beyond the hours that we spend working through these challenges during our 1-on-1 and group sessions.

Brad Andrews, President
Brad Andrews, President
Salus Physical Therapy

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