Being a leader is a process, not a fixed ability. It also has less to do with “getting people to follow” and more to do with inspiring people to accomplish their own greatness. And although there are those who say that leaders are “born, not made”, that is largely untrue. Not only is leadership itself an ongoing process, but leading organizations at different points in their evolution requires a variety of different abilities and competencies. As your team expands and changes, it will require that you grow too – but faster, more intensively and with more power than you may imagine. Our clients discover the genius within themselves to lead their teams and organizations to be and accomplish great things.  Schedule your complimentary session and experience it for yourself!

Off-site retreats are a time for planning, creativity, training, aligning and bonding. Use your time together optimally with tried and tested processes that are customized to your specific needs, culture and moment. We have facilitated hundred of retreats with large and small organizations that span industries from e-commerce to NGOs and everything in the middle. We can help you craft your values or invent scenarios, build a strategy map or cascade core values throughout the organization. Wisdom meets invention when we collaborate to accelerate your team's mission.

Every organization has core values, but they not have been chosen. The real, operational core values matterbecause they dictate the quality of the work, the interactions, communication and expectation. Ideally, core values should stem from both heart and strategic success. But they have to go beyond inspirational concepts into action. That's where our expertise and research really matters. Learn more about becoming Powered by Principle here.

Decision making and strategy starts from assumptions. But testing those assumptions and crafting the future story of your enterprise takes much more than intuition or hope. It requires rigorous scenario -planning, and stress-testing that speculative story before adjusting all that will go into making it a reality. We use scenario planning in all our strategy work. It is a way of analyzing and validating assumptions and expectations so that the resulting plans have a far higher probability of success than they would have otherwise.

Our consulting is focused on many of the same areas as our high-performance coaching and the research presented in the Powered by Principle™ approach. Consulting engagements can be short or longer term, and can include workshops, analyses, research and combinations of all of those. Some of the types of work we are most frequently requested to provide are
• Strategy mapping
• Strategy execution plans
• e-Commerce strategies
• Balanced scorecards™
• Organizational change projects
• Leadership training
• Customer service training and group coaching
• Core values creation and implementation