New Year Resolutions: Increasing the Odds of Success

It probably comes as no surprise to you that many people who make resolutions on January 1st often find themselves unchanged on March 1st, not only failing to fulfill the goal, but even unsure what they had promised to do. What may be surprising though is that there is some evidence that the simple act of making a new year resolution increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal, or at least making strides toward that. In fact, goal-setting, in whatever form it takes, is a powerful predictor of real change.


So if you, like me, start every year with an ambitious list of projects, intentions, visionary hopes and dreams, it is important to ask how you can use that already very powerful first step to better guide your action in 2016? There are real statistics on all of this and it’s worth looking to them. One of the most important parts of disrupting the normal, predictable way your life and results are playing out is to create a new structure– one that will support you or your team in working differently, behaving differently and even thinking differently. The difference in performance, work and thought isn’t arbitrary but nor is it obvious. And that’s where coaching can make a substantial difference in both raising the odds of success and accelerating your progress toward that success.

So as I am looking into 2016, and carving out my own plans and goals, I have included in my own resolution a commitment to help at

least 5 clients accomplish an unpredictable, breakthrough in 2016. And in order to prepare to do that I have been researching the most successful structures and approaches to fulfilling some of the top 20 resolutions made both by individuals and business leaders.

So get out your shiny new notebook, or create a new folder on your desktop, in your Dropbox, on an app or wherever you manage your life. Start thinking about the new year and how you would like it to differ from this year in your personal life, your business, your finances, romance, health, fitness or family. Maybe we can help each other succeed… I will start by continuing to post some of what I discover in my research. And if you succeed at your goal, with or without my direct assistance, I will consider your success a contributing result in my goal too!

To explore coaching as a structure for your resolution fulfillment project, contact me for a free consult!

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