On Your Mark, Get Set!

On Your Mark, Get Set!

December 31, 2015

Tomorrow’s the day. The day you begin taking the steps to fulfill your 2016 mission! Are you psyched?  I am!

So let’s review some of what we have covered.  Here are the basic steps:

starting blocks

At first we began by just naming the resolutions you planned on fulfilling.  As a human being, you immediately started with your complaints. “I’m too fat”, “I need more money.”, “I should exercise.”, “My wife is a bitch.”, “I wish I had more time/fun/traveling/excitement/love….”, etc.   Like most people, there were probably a bunch of these, so I suggested you could really only work on one big thing at a time, and asked you to narrow it down to a single focus.  So maybe you had one BIG FIX all ready to use as a resolution. But that was all just to set the groundwork for this week of real preparation.

Having already purged yourself of  all of the natural fault-finding, problem-fixing and self-hatred, we began anew this past Monday, by dreaming of the future — a future just one year away in which you have fulfilled the resolution you created. You set your mind free to brainstorm all the various areas you are committed to impacting.  You were unbridled in envisioning the year you want with the body you want, the love you want, the business results that express your true self, as fit or fun or exciting as you could imagine!  And from that large set of visionary principles, descriptions and images, you selected one  or  two areas to focus on — and created inspiring mission statements for them.

Starting with just one of your mission statements — a mission statement that is short but compelling, inspiring and exciting — something that makes your heart sing, and pulls you forward to that imagined future you — you created a metric to represent its fulfillment.  The measurement may be of your weight on December 31st, 2016, or how far you can run, your income or number of customers, the size of your bank balance or the cities you visited; it may be the number of parties you held, or dates you went on, or number of products or published articles, or copies of your book that have sold.  The key is that your mission now has a numeric equivalent.  But don’t get confused, the resolution is ALL about the mission, not at all about the measurement.  The measurement is like the menu for a meal. It’s key to identification, but you wouldn’t eat a menu.  Eat your mission, not its measurement.

Having created a one-year measurement, yesterday we broke that measurement into twelfths and selected 1/12th as the one month goal.  As we discussed, you may want to apply some subject-specific nuance to that, because certain kinds of things grow at different rates.   Growing a business may be slow to start and then  accelerate in customers or revenue — losing weight may go fast at first and then level off.  Apply your own or some expert information to crafting the one month goal.  But at this point, you need that one month goal –or at least before January 1.

It’s time to make a list. This one is of all of the actions, behaviors, habits, routines and customs associated with the vision that inspired your mission.  Start with this question: “When my mission is accomplished, what will my new practices and behaviors be?”


Answer the question by listing the kinds of things that would accompany the results you expect.  Don’t just look at what you do, but also ask what you think, speak, what conversations you engage in, what foods you choose, activities you seek, and more.  You may consider that someone with the vision you have might read certain things, watch specific TV or listen to podcasts. Maybe there are groups you should be part of, courses to take or skills to learn.  Should you join a gym or a swimming squad, hire an accountant or join Toast Masters? The possibilities are endless.  But the key is to be guided entirely by your mission — NOT by your metric.

Make the list of all of those possible actions, behaviors and routines.  Of course, you will not be beginning all of them on January 1st.  But look at the list and choose three principal actions that you will take.  One action should be a daily (or more) behavior.  For example, if your mission is to get fit, there should be a daily exercise action.  Another action should be weekly. This might be one related to tracking your progress or managing a clerical issue related to the mission.  The third action should take the form of a journal.  That can be any of a vast number of variations.  If you are starting a fitness program it may be a fitness journal where you track you training, results, times, distances and so forth.  If your mission is more qualitative, like adding excitement or love, I suggest a real journal or a blog — something that allows you to be able to look back and see what has changed and to manage you thoughts by having documentation of your process.  If you are aiming to be a thinner you in 2016, then something as simple as a weight and food log may be just the thing (there are some really good, free, electronic versions. Send me a message and I’ll provide them).

On January 1st, when you wake up, plan to do all three actions that day.  And my hope is that some of you will post a comment or two here as you begin the process and make progress.  I will have a next step waiting for you on the first day of 2016!!

Happy New Year!

For a free consult to learn how coaching can help you succeed in 2016, contact me!

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