Favorite Things-Podcast Edition Summer 2021

Now, for a special summer delight:

It’s been years since I did a favorite things post. But, as we slowly ebb into “normal” life, here are some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to. I listen while I…

  • Walk the dog (Arlo, yes that’s him!)
  • Clean the house
  • Work out, and
  • In the car (although I have not been driving much recently!)

I admit it, I’m a bit of a podcast glutton.
Here is a sampling of those I’ve been enjoying lately.
Happy listening!

Underunderstood  Explanations of odd questions that occur to the hosts, or that might occur to you. Recent episodes: What happened to a lost Wikipedia page; what’s the deal with the logic and inequity of area codes.

Cautionary Tales : Tim Harford, prolific and captivating economist shares stories of things gone awry through avoidable human error! I recommend his books as well.

Decoder An exploration of the intersection of technology, business, and life.

Analysis A BBC program that explores all kinds of things. Recent episodes include one on personality profiles and another on the future of Silicon Valley after COVID. It helps if you know a bit about Britain and its politics.

The Economist Asks A production of the The Economist magazine.  They interview fascinating people on everything, albeit with an economics bent.

Proof After all that heavy lifting I love to hear about cooking and cooking science! This is a production of America’s Test Kitchen, and rarely disappoints!

Work Life A TED production hosted by Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and author of several very readable books on that subject.

This should keep you riveted for a while. Please send me your feedback and your recommendations on new and interesting podcasts!

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